Madagascar (tug); Shipsonic installs another heavy duty anti-fouling system on a SmitLamnalco vessel


Tug Madagascar

Tug Madagascar

HDS80 (8transducers)







The vessel

Shipsonic just finished the hand-over of another heavy duty ultrasonic anti-fouling system for use on a SmitLamnalco vessel. This time it concerns the tug Madagascar, operating in the Persian Gulf, and based in the United Arab Emirates.

The system

The system installed is a HDS80, the biggest of-the-shelve system we have in our range. The control units has 2 cooling fans of 80mmx80mm, just to make sure it will withstand the temperatures of the Persian Gulf. The unit powers 8 x 100 Watt transducers, installed on main sea chests, Fifi pump sea chest and strainers. The Madagascar does not have box coolers, it is equipped with plate coolers.

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