May 23, 2018


A system consists of a control unit with connections for 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 transducers.

At the moment we have 5 different Control Unit models and 5 types of Transducer in our Heavy Duty Series (HDS).

Please note that for different transducer sizes (different Wattage) we use different electronics/transformer specifications. So different transducer models are not interchangeable without adapting

the electronics in the control unit. Given the modular design of our control units, this amounts to no more than exchanging 1 or more plug-and-play Power Circuit Boards (PCB’s).

Shipsonic or one of our agents will help you with the optimal configuration of your system. This configuration depends on the type and size of the object (sea-chest, box-cooler, bucket-strainer, hull, etc). We often place different transducer types on 1 object, to guarantee a wide spectrum of ultrasonic frequencies.

Thus, control units and transducers are sold separately, according to individual system design. Our Power Circuit Boards (PCB’s) can also be supplied independently.

For more detailed information on our control units, go here

 For more detailed information on our transducers, go here


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