Ultrasonic signal tester

Prototype of the ultrasonic signal strength tester we use to optimize transducer location

Measuring sound pressure; the Shipsonic ultrasonic signal tester

Testing the tester (courtesy Meprom BV)

Magnetic transducer for sound pressure measurements

Transducer that can be temporarily installed for signal strength testing









At delta-sistems we feel we have dealt with all the technical challenges in making a reliable, high powered ultrasonic system. One challenge remains, however. This is: where exactly to install the transducers on the object that needs protection? This is an acoustical problem. And acoustical problems are notoriously complex. Finding the solution is often a trial and error process.

To address the effectiveness issue, Shipsonic has developed an ultrasonic signal strength measuring device. We develop this new device completely in-house. The signal tester will use a contact microphone to measure ultrasonic energy levels in the steel of the object to be protected, while we have a device to temporarily place transducers on the sea-chest or elsewhere.The first tester prototypes are now ready and we are busy ‘testing the tester’.

Agent or client installation

Therefore we prefer that one of our agents installs the system. The installation itself is very straightforward, but what counts is our agents’ experience in transducer localization. However, even an experienced installer at times has to engage in a trial and error process.
Moreover, many of our systems are sent overseas and installed by the ship’s crew. In such cases we cannot guarantee effectiveness, it does happen that the system as such functions properly, but that the effectiveness is insufficient.


Specific box-cooler issues

Measuring signal strength of different transducers locations on a box-cooler

Measuring the signal strength of different transducers on a box-cooler (courtesy Blokland)

Especially protecting the pipe bundle of box-coolers is a challenge. With the signal tester we can compare ultrasonic sound levels in the pipe bundle of the box-cooler of different transducer types and locations on and/or around the box-cooler.  To be continued!








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