Ongoing electronics design improvement

Design philosophy

At Shipsonic we summarize our outlook on ship’s technology in two words: no frills. Our systems have to be of the fit-and-forget type. The control unit has only one task, to power the transducers. And it has to do so fail-safe. Therefor we do not take part in a common electronics hype, that is to ‘pimp’ systems with all kinds of flashy extras. We do not put extras just because we can! Gadgets only make the system vulnerable. Our electronic designs reflect that outlook.


Design iterations

Shipsonic’s first power-board design; version 1.2 (2016)

Shipsonic’s second power-board design; version 1.2 (early 2017)







Latest version of the Shipsonic power-board design; 1.3


Our no frills outlook does not mean we sit on our hands. In the 2 years of our existence, we have already gone through 3 iterations of power-board re-design. All with the aim of improving reliability. Optimizing power output to the transducers and minimizing temperature fluctuations.


Present work in progress

Temperature measurement results of the transformer on the power-board version 3.1

Temperature graph of the transformer on the power-board version 1.3


Using constant feedback from ship’s engineers, we are now developing a version 1.4 of our power-board. This new version will be able to withstand a short circuit in the transducer cable. These short circuits are now basically the only reason to have to change a power-board. We aim at a design that is so robust, that even this will not be needed anymore. To be continued!

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