Client participation in ultrasonic box-cooler protection research

Shipsonic has initiated -or is involved in- different research programmes.

Box-cooler protection

30% reduction

Our main research focus is on ultrasonic anti-fouling protection of box-coolers. In this research we work closely together with Blokland NonFerro (amongst others). For any clients interested in testing our new methods of protecting box-coolers, we offer a 30% reduction on system costs. Of course all additional research costs will be borne by delta-sistems.



Research participation does not need to be for one vessel only. Delta-sistems is interested in long term research participation. We only ask that we are given access to the vessel where the ultrasonic anti-fouling system is installed. And we want to publish the research results on our website and/or in other publications. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2 thoughts on “Client participation in ultrasonic box-cooler protection research

  • Morning
    I will be very interested to participate for the research .
    I would like to get ultrasonic set for a fiberglass sailing ship BENETEAU FIRST 40.7 , 12 meters long , moored in TOULON / FRANCE .
    Could you please send me a project with cost and disponibility
    Best regards
    Guillaume Picard

    • Hi Guillaume,
      We are definitely interested to get an additional research project going in the Mediterranean. We shall contact you directly with a proposal!

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