Standard Water-resistant Transducer with adaptor

Standard water resistant Transducer with adaptor

Standard model PVC transducer can also be installed using an adaptor. This adapter can be customized and made-to-fit. For example, when installing on curved surfaces (bucket strainers, piping)




Recommended glues

Loctide 3090

Loctite 3295







Loctite 3090 is a very fast curing glue (2 minutes), use it in places that are difficult to reach or when you want to glue a transducer on a vertical surface or upside down.

Loctite 3295 allows you more time to position your transducer (5 minutes). This glue is also more resistant to chemicals and solvents. You need a glue gun for this glue.

Loctite 518 is a single component, medium strength, anaerobic sealant which cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces.

TEC7 is a professional, water resistant sealant.