Customized transducer mounting for Vitters Shipyard

Ultrasonic antifouling technology for Vitters Shipyard Shipsonic™ delivered the ultrasonic antifouling technology to one of the internationally renowned Dutch superyacht builders Vitters Shipyard. Transducer mounting challenge While finishing the rebuild of sailing yacht Ikigai, Vitters contacted Shipsonic for a Marine Growth Prevention System for their seawater strainers. The seawater strainers are tailor made. No flat surfaces[…]


Heavy Duty Series (HDS) HDS20-100         (2×100* Watt transducer) * On special request also available with 50 Watt transducers and modified control electronics: HDS20-50 (2×50 Watt transducer) Documentation:      


Diving inspection video and photo’s hull The video shows the hull to be clean, but the cooler pipes have some growth. The cooler pipe units are mounted on the hull with brackets. This isolates the cooling pipes form the ultrasonic waves traveling through the hull. The owner is advised to install transducers directly on the[…]