Client participation in ultrasonic box-cooler protection research

Shipsonic has initiated -or is involved in- different research programmes. Box-cooler protection 30% reduction Our main research focus is on ultrasonic anti-fouling protection of box-coolers. In this research we work closely together with Blokland NonFerro (amongst others). For any clients interested in testing our new methods of protecting box-coolers, we offer a 30% reduction on[…]

MV Polarlys, MV Trollfjord and MV Finnmarken; Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten testing Shipsonic Ultrasonic Antifouling

The Norwegian dealer for Shipsonic, Naustor Technology (, has struck an agreement for testing of our systems with the well know Norwegian Cruise company Hurtigruten ( We will be testing our ultrasonic anti-fouling systems on the hulls of 3 different Hurtigruten cruise ships. 1) The Polarlys has been equipped with 2×100 Watt, 28 kHz ultrasonic[…]

3D view control unit to power 30 transducers (courtesy GTV)

Protecting floating windmills

Multiple transducers on 1 object   Shipsonic is preparing a project to protect floating windmills against marine fouling. That involves installing a large number of transducers. Our biggest system powers 8 transducers, and our heaviest transducers are 120 Watt. But for this application even that is not enough. We need something bigger.      […]

Measuring signal strength of different transducers locations on a box-cooler

The effectiveness of ultrasonic anti-fouling

Shipsonic™ has invested considerable resources in developing systems with a guaranteed, consistent effectiveness Correct ultrasonic frequency with sufficient energy Our transducers are 50, 100 or 120 Watts. Their frequencies range from 20 to 40 KHz. Each transducer type has its own response frequency. That is the frequency in which the transducer functions optimally. With optimal[…]

Getting access to the sea-chest is complicated and costly

Cost efficiency of ultrasonic anti-fouling systems (UAFS)

If need be, ultrasonic anti-fouling systems can be installed while the ship is moving in the high seas. It can be installed by the ship’s crew. No special tools or dry docking needed. No moving parts either, so hardly any wear and tear. Hence maintenance free. This makes the ultrasonic solution extremely cost efficient.  […]

OSV Sjoborg; fourth round of testing on box-coolers

Skansi Skansi is a shipping company very keen on innovation and experimentation. Shipsonic has installed various systems for box cooler protection on 2 of their off-shore vessels, the Saeborg and the Sjoborg. First round of trials We started in 2016 installing a number of HDS (Heavy Duty) systems to protect the sea chests and -indirectly-[…]

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