MV Polarlys, MV Trollfjord and MV Finnmarken; Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten testing Shipsonic Ultrasonic Antifouling

The Norwegian dealer for Shipsonic, Naustor Technology (, has struck an agreement for testing of our systems with the well know Norwegian Cruise company Hurtigruten ( We will be testing our ultrasonic anti-fouling systems on the hulls of 3 different Hurtigruten cruise ships. 1) The Polarlys has been equipped with 2×100 Watt, 28 kHz ultrasonic[…]

Fangst; diving inspection of ultrasonic protection of hull of Norwegian fishing vessel

The vessel The Fangst is a 14 meter Norwegian fishing boat. It is active in the North Sea and the Barents Sea.                   The ultrasonic system The Fangst has been equipped with 2 control-units HDS20. That makes 4 transducers all together. The transducers are evenly spread, glued[…]

Ange; Shipsonic antifouling system installed on a competitive regatta yacht in the Mediterranean

Fast yacht even faster The captain of the Ange has just installed a Shipsonic ultrasonic anti-fouling system. The Ange is a competitive regatta yacht, a Beneteau First 40.7, based in Toulon. The system comprises 2 transducers                 Professional marine standards Shipsonic specializes in heavier systems for sea going[…]

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