Ikigai; customized transducer mounting for Vitters Shipyard

Ultrasonic anti-fouling technology for Vitters Shipyard

Shipsonic™ delivered the ultrasonic anti-fouling technology to one of the internationally renowned Dutch superyacht builders Vitters Shipyard.

Transducer mounting challenge

While finishing the rebuild of sailing yacht Ikigai, Vitters contacted Shipsonic for a Marine Growth Prevention System for their seawater strainers. The seawater strainers are tailor made. No flat surfaces (to install the transducers) and little space available after installation of the strainers themselves.

Customized Transducer Solution

The solution was to use the aluminum adaptors and install the transducers on the side of the strainers. The adaptors were laminated onto the strainers. Then the transducers were screwed and glued onto the adaptors and presto!

Another example of the Dutch maritime eye for detail and quality workmanship!

One of the tailor-made seawater strainers for the yacht


Transducers installed on the seawater strainers




The Shipsonic control unit in the Ikigai engine room
















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