OSV Sjoborg; fourth round of testing on box-coolers


Skansi is a shipping company very keen on innovation and experimentation. Shipsonic has installed various systems for box cooler protection on 2 of their off-shore vessels, the Saeborg and the Sjoborg.

First round of trials

Initial installation, 50 Watt transducers

We started in 2016 installing a number of HDS (Heavy Duty) systems to protect the sea chests and -indirectly- the box coolers. Initially we used 50 Watt transducers. We installed on both the Sjoborg and the Saeborg.

Second round of trials

The Saeborg


In the course of 2017 and 2018 we installed an additional number of HDS40 and HDS80 systems, enhancing the number of transducers installed and upgrading from 50 Watt to 100 Watt transducers. During these trials it became clear that the tube bundle of the box cooler is not sufficiently protected by just placing transducers around it on the sea chest.


Third round of trials

HDS80 (8transducers)

HDS40-4 Transducers



Therefore in 2018 we moved a number of the 100 Watt transducers of the Sjoborg from the sea chest to the covers of the box-coolers. We are now awaiting results of this latest trial.


Fourth round of trials

However, is does not stop here. Skansi has agreed to participate in a next phase of testing. In this phase we shall equip 4 of the box coolers on board of the Sjoborg with the new Blokland-Shipsonic type of ultrasonic anti fouling systems, specifically designed for the use on box coolers. Each box cooler will be equipped with 2 heavy duty transducers. This will give us an interesting comparison between this new design and the standard method of installing on the covers of the box coolers. We want to express our gratitude to Skansi (and our Norwegian dealer, Naustor AS) for having helped us with these trials so consistently!


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