Fides; first Blokland-Shipsonic box-cooler ultrasonic anti-fouling test system installed

Box-cooler protection

Blokland-Shipsonic have installed their first ultrasonic anti-fouling system. The system is developed specifically for the protection of box-coolers. The installation was carried out by a Blokland engineer.

The ship where it was installed is the Fides.

The Fides is active in the Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp (ARA) region. It is a container vessel owned by Sendo Shipping.  Sendo is a shipping company particularly keen on innovation. For example, they are developing the first emission free vessel.

Blokland-Shipsonic see this as an excellent test opportunity. After all, marine fouling in the ARA region is known to be rather sincere.


The system

HDS20 (2transducers)


The system comprises 2 transducers. These transducers are of different Wattage and frequency range. The first results on the effectiveness of this system will become available in the spring of 2019. We shall let you know, so stay put!

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