FWN Solide; 7 transducers for box-coolers of

On top of the box-cooler

HDS80 (8transducers)


The Solide was one of our first installations with the transducers directly installed on top of the box-coolers. The transducers are glued on the water covers. Each auxiliary box cooler was equipped with 1 transducer, each main box-cooler was fitted with 2 transducers. Together 7 transducers were installed, on the control unit 1 transducer connection was left unused.





Quick installation

FWN-Solide in harbour, discharging her cargo.

FWN-Solide in harbour, discharging her cargo.


This system was installed in 3 hours while the Solide was discharging her cargo in Schiedam harbor, the Netherlands.





The box-cooler covers are always accessible.

3 auxiliary coolers with transducers

HDS80 control unit

Main cooler with 1 transducer installed














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